Upcoming Events:


January 14, 2024
Theme: Sing, Sing A Song – Songs That Make You Want To Sing
Co-Host: Richard Skipper

January 28, 2024
Theme: Two Of A Kind – Songs About Similarities
Co-Hosts: Marissa Mulder & Bill Zeffiro

February 4, 2024
Theme: Art Songs – Songs About Art
Co-Host: Lynda Rodolitz

February 18, 2024
Theme: Songs From The 20’s – The 1920’s & 2020’s
Co-Host: Jason Henderson

Previous Events 


January 15, 2023
Theme: Black Songs Matter
Co-Hosts: David ‘Diva’ LaMarr & Darnell White

January 29, 2023
Theme: Carrying On – Songs Of Resilience & Exuberance
Co-Hosts: Cindy Firing & Josephine Sanges

February 5, 2023
Theme: Around The World
Co-Hosts: Mardie Millit & Michael Garin

February 19. 2023
Theme: The Dead Of Winter – Halloween In February
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Martin Ward

Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro

July 9, 2023
Theme: And All That Jazz
Co-Hosts: Sue Matsuki & Gregory Toroian

July 23, 2023
Theme: Songs From The Movies
Co-Host: Ann Kittredge

August 13, 2023
Theme: Salon’s 18th Anniversary
Co-Hosts: The Mamettes

August 27, 2023
Theme: The Many Sides of Lenny – Bernstein’s 105th
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn


January 16, 2022
Theme: Oh, What A Beautiful Morning – The Songs Of Rogers & Hammerstein
Guest Host: Tracy Stark
Co-Host: Richie Eisenberg

January 30, 2022
Theme: Viva La Diva!
Co-Host: Sean Patrick Murtagh

February 6, 2022
Theme: Crooners & Swooners
Guest Host: Matthew Martin Ward
Co-Host: Warren Schein

February 20, 2022
Theme: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – Songs Of Regret
Co-Host: Mary Lahti

March 6, 2022
Theme: Time/Travel
Co-Host: Rian Keating

March 20, 2022
Theme: Marriage & Divorce
Co-Host: Ann Talman

April 10, 2022
Theme: Las Vegas Legends
Co-Host: Frank McDonough

July 10, 2022
Theme: Vive La Resistance – Songs Of Rebellion
Co-Host: Claudine Cassan Jellison

July 24, 2022
Theme: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
Co-Host: Bob Simonello

August 14, 2022
Theme: Salon’s 17th Anniversary
Co-Hosts: The Mamettes

August 28, 2022
Theme: Bern Stein Story
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn


August 22, 2021
Theme: Welcome Back! Salon’s Sweet Sixteen & Bernstein at 103
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 26, 2021
Theme: Morning, Evening, Noon & Night
Co-Host: Danny Bacher

October 31, 2021
Theme: It’s A Jungle Out There – Halloween With The Animals
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro

November 21, 2021
Theme: Favorite Carols
Co-Host: Deborah Zecher

December 12, 2021
Theme: Stoned For The Holidays
Co-Hosts: Stone & Stone


January 5, 2020
Theme: First Impressions
Co-Host: David Maiocco as Liberace

January 12, 2020 – NO SALON

January 19, 2020
Theme: Breaking Resolutions
Co-Host: Lennie Watts

January 26, 2020 – February 9, 2020 – NO SALON

February 16, 2020
Theme: The Gypsy In My Soul
Co-Host: Dawn Derow

February 23, 2020
Theme: Show Biz
Co-Hosts: Leanne Borghesi & Marta Sanders

March 1, 2020 – March 8, 2020 – NO SALON

March 15, 2020
Theme: Morning, Evening, Noon & Night
Co-Host: Danny Bacher

March 22, 2020 – NO SALON

March 29, 2020
Theme: Both Sides Now
Co-Hosts: Stone & Stone

April 5, 2020 – April 12, 2020 – NO SALON

April 19, 2020
Theme: Favorite Carols
Co-Host: Deborah Zecher



January 6, 2019
Theme: Coming Home
Co-Host: Sidney Myer
Salon Spotlight: KT Sullivan

January 13, 2019 – NO SALON

January 20, 2019
Theme: Why We Do What We Do
Co-Host: Ari Axelrod
Salon Spotlight: Stacy Sullivan

January 27, 2019 – NO SALON

February 3, 2019 – NO SALON

February 10, 2019
Theme: Hellos & Goodbyes
Co-Host: Jennifer Bangs
Salon Spotlight: Yael Rasooly

February 17, 2019
Theme: With A Little Help From My Friends
Co-Hosts: Sean Harkness, Lina Koutrakos & Marcus Simeone

February 24, 2019 – NO SALON

March 3, 2019
Theme: Water
Co-Host: Rick Jensen
Salon Spotlight: Barbara Fasano

March 10, 2019
Theme: Acceptance
Co-Host: Scott Evan Davis
Featuring: Emily Ellet, Sierra Rein, Adam Rennie, Marta Sanders & Analise Scarpacci

March 17, 2019
Theme: It’s Not Easy Being Green
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki
Salon Spotlight: T. Oliver Reid

March 24, 2019
Theme: Slip Sliding Away – Things That Elude Us
Co-Hosts: Mama’s Boys – Tommy J. Dose, Brian Kalinowski, Paul Pilcz & Jon Satrom

March 31, 2019
Theme: What A Swell Party, Parody Or Patter Song
Co-Host: Jeff Harnar

April 7, 2019
Theme: Mixed Bag – A Salon Potpourri
Co-Host: Luba Mason
Salon Spotlight: Lucille Carr-Kaffashan

April 14, 2019
Theme: Death & Taxes – Things You Can’t Escape
Co-Host: Andrea Axelrod

April 21, 2019 – NO SALON

April 28, 2019
Theme: Reckless Love
Co-Host: Carolyn Montgomery
Salon Spotlight: Mark’s MSM Students

May 5, 2019
Theme: Good & Evil
Co-Host: Monica Salvi
Salon Spotlight: Susanne Mack

May 12, 2019 – NO SALON

May 19, 2019
Theme: Stories About, For & By Women
Guest Host/Pianist: Bobby Peaco
Co-Hosts: Helane Blumfield, Lynda Rodolitz, Peggy Schwartz & Deborah Zecher
Salon Spotlight: Taylor Beyer

May 26, 2019 – June 16, 2019 – NO SALON

June 23, 2019
Theme: Pride & Prejudice
Guest Host/Pianist: William TN Hall
Co-Host: Amy Wolk
Salon Spotlight: Michael Kirk Lane

June 30, 2019
Theme: Love Is Where You Find It
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Liora Michelle

July 7, 2019
Theme: The Hazy-Crazy-Lazy Days Of Summer
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Martin Ward
Co-Host: Tim Cahill

July 14, 2019
Theme: In Search Of…
Guest Host/Pianist: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Marnie Klar

July 21, 2019
Theme: Light In The Dark
Co-Host: Michael Osso
Salon Spotlight: Meg Flather

July 28, 2019
Theme: Just Out Of Reach
Co-Host: Stephen Mosher

August 4, 2019
Theme: Here’s To Life!
Co-Host: Goldie Dver
Salon Spotlight: Len Carrie

August 11, 2019
Theme: Mad About The Boys
Co-Hosts: THOSE GIRLS – Eve Eaton, Rachel Hanser, Karen Mack & Wendy Russell
Salon Spotlight: Angela Leone

August 18, 2019
Theme: Salon’s 14th Anniversary
Co-Hosts: The Mamettes
Salon Spotlight: Robin Westle

August 25, 2019
Theme: Bernstein 101
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 1, 2019 – NO SALON

September 8, 2019
Theme: I Love Being Here With You
Co-Host: Lucille Carr-Kaffashan
Salon Spotlight: The Drinkwater Brothers

September 15, 2019 – NO SALON

September 22, 2019
Theme: Wine, Women & Song
Co-Host: Gracie Lee Brown
Salon Spotlight: Helena Grenot – Remembering Barry Levitt

September 29, 2019–October 20, 2019 – NO SALON

October 27, 2019
Theme: Hooray For Halloween! A Hollywood Halloween Celebration COSTUMES ENCOURAGED!
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro
Salon Spotlight: Olivia Perrin & Emily Kay

November 3, 2019
Theme: Gratitude
Co-Host: Lisa Viggiano
Salon Spotlight: Tracy Stark

November 10, 2019 – December 8, 2019 – NO SALON

December 15, 2019
Theme: Homesick For The Holidays
Co-Host: Katie McGrath
Salon Spotlight: Frank McDonough

December 22, 2019 – NO SALON

December 29, 2019 – NO SALON


January 7, 2018
Theme: Let’s Hear It For The Girls!
Co-Host: Niki Sorrentino
Salon Spotlight: Kati Neiheisel

January 14, 2018
Co-Host: Ari Axelrod
Salon Spotlight: Gracie Lee Brown

January 21, 2018
Theme: Your Cheating Heart
Co-Host: Andrea Bell Wolff

January 28, 2018
Theme: Broadway Legends
Co-Host: Shana Farr
Salon Spotlight: Carole Demas & Sarah Rice

February 4, 2018 – NO SALON

February 11, 2018
Theme: High Anxiety
Co-Host: Justin Nastro
Salon Spotlight: Bill Dyszel

February 18, 2018
Theme: Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart
Co-Host: Leanne Borghesi
Salon Spotlight: Lisa Viggiano

February 25, 2018
Theme: Sing Happy
Co-Host: Heather Villaescusa

March 4, 2018 – NO SALON 

March 11, 2018
Theme: Songs That Have Bazazz
Co-Host: Ann Kittredge

March 18, 2018
Theme: When the Spirit Moves Me
Co-Host: Mark Watson
Salon Spotlight: Sierra Rein

March 25, 2018
Theme: Weather…Or Not
Co-Host: Josephine Sanges

April 1, 2018 – NO SALON 

April 8, 2018
Theme: Hard To Handle
Guest Host/Pianist: Jon Weber
Co-Host: Raissa Katona Bennett
Salon Spotlight: Rachel Ulanet

April 15, 2018 – NO SALON

April 22, 2018
Theme: Groovin’ On An Earth Day
Guest Host/Pianist: John Cook
Co-Hosts: Ann McCormack & Woody Regan
Salon Spotlight: Dawn Derow with Sean Harkness & Don Kelly

April 29, 2018
Theme: Family Matters
Guest Host/Pianist: Tracy Stark
Co-Host: Deborah Zecher
Salon Spotlight: Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

May 6, 2018
Theme: Those Pesky Memories
Guest HostPianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Warren Schein
Salon Spotlight: Kendra Cunningham

May 13, 2018
Theme: Pure Imagination
Guest Host/Pianist: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Stearns Matthews
Salon Spotlight: Karen Oberlin

May 20, 2018
Theme: How Low Can You Go?
Co-Host: Ritt Henn
Salon Spotlight: Lena Moy-Borgen & Cheo Bourne

May 27, 2018 – July 1, 2018 – NO SALON

July 8, 2018
Theme: Long Ago & Far Away
Co-Host: Kim David Smith
Salon Spotlight: Bruce Clough

July 15, 2018
Theme: Something Cool
Co-Host: Joan Jaffe

July 22, 2018
Theme: Contradictions
Guest Host/Pianist: John Cook
Co-Host: David Hajdu – Featuring Emery Hajdu, Marissa Mulder, Karen Oberlin  & Jon Weber

July 29, 2018
Theme: Taking A Chance On Love
Co-Host: Emily Ellet

August 5, 2018
Theme: Transitions
Co-Host: Meg Flather

August 12, 2018
Theme: Location, Location, Location
Co-Host: Larry Kerchner – Featuring Debbis Chiccino, Nina Hennessy, Marissa Mulder & Mark Nadler
with Tex Arnold  (piano), Tom Hubbard (bass) & Ray Marchica (drums)
Salon Spotlight: Sharon McNight

August 19, 2018
Theme: Salon’s Bar Mitzvah – 13 Years Of Music & Magic
Co-Hosts: The Etceterettes: Dawn Derow, Shana Farr, Janice Hall, Marnie Klar, Jaye Maynard, Candice Oden, Sarah Rice, Adam Shapiro, Lauren Stanford & Maureen Taylor (unable to attend: Erin Cronican, Kathleen France, Lorinda Lisitza, Sierra Rein & Zach Wobensmith)

August 26, 2018
Theme: A Hundred Easy Ways To Celebrate Leonard Bernstein
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 2, 2018 – NO SALON 

September 9, 2018 – NO SALON 

September 16, 2018
Theme: The Secret Of Life
Co-Host: Barb Malley

September 23, 2018
Theme: Furry Friends
Co-Host: Lynda Rodolitz
Salon Spotlight: Jennifer Bangs

September 30, 2018
Theme: It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish
Co-Host: Judi Mark
Salon Spotlight: Amy Beth Williams

October 7, 2018
Theme: Fall
Co-Host: Kristine Zbornik
Salon Spotlight: Kenneth Gartman

October 14, 2018
Theme: Make Them Hear You
Co-Host: Aaron Lee Battle
Salon Spotlight: Madelaine Warren

October 21, 2018
Theme: High Hopes
Co-Host: Michael Kirk Lane
Salon Spotlight: Marnie Klar

October 28, 2018
The World Is A Scary Place – Halloween Traditions Around The Globe
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro
Salon Spotlight: Dr. Bradley Jones

November 4, 2018
Theme: Something Sweet
Co-Host: Jeff Macauley
Salon Spotlight: Raissa Katona Bennett

November 11, 2018
Theme: The Personal Is Political
Co-Host: Tracy Stark
Salon Spotlight: Heather Villaescusa

November 18, 2018
Theme: Contemporary Angst
Co-Host: Emily McNamara
Salon Spotlight: Andrea Bell Wolff

November 25, 2018 – NO SALON

December 9, 2018
Theme: Such A Lot Of Livin’ To Do
Co-Host: Bobbie Horowitz

December 16, 2018
Theme: Endings & Beginnings
Co-Host: Lennie Watts

December 23, 2018 – NO SALON 

December 30, 2018 – NO SALON


January 1, 2017 – NO SALON

January 8, 2017
Theme: Second Chances
Co-Host: Deborah Stone
Salon Spotlight: Sue Matsuki & Greg Toroian

January 15, 2017
Theme: By The Book
Co-Host: Tommy J. Dose
Salon Spotlight: Mark Hartman

January 22, 2017
Theme: Transformation
Co-Host: Joshua Lance Dixon
Salon Spotlight: NO EVIL: A Cabaret Of Resistance (Jerry Phelps, Elliot Roth & Karen Thompson)

January 29, 2017
Theme: Great Expectations
Co-Host: Wendy Scherl
Salon Spotlight: Marta Sanders

February 5, 2017 – NO SALON

February 12, 2017
Theme: Fun & Fancy Free
Co-Host: Bret Shuford
Salon Spotlight: Meg Flather, Rosemary Loar & Tracy Stark

February 19, 2017
Theme: My New York
Co-Host: Julie Gold
Salon Spotlight: Kim Sutton

February 26, 2017 – NO SALON

March 5, 2017
Theme: Around The World
Co-Hosts: Michael Garin & Mardie Millit
Salon Spotlight: Robin Westle

March 12, 2017
Theme: Icons & Idols
Co-Host: Natalie Arneson
Salon Spotlight: Dawn Derow & Sean Harkness

March 19, 2017
Theme: Love & Marriage
Co-Host: Lena Moy-Borgen
Salon Spotlight: Andy Marino

March 26, 2017 – NO SALON

April 2, 2017
Theme: Sweet & Sour
Co-Host: Cheo Bourne
Salon Spotlight: Liz Robertson

April 9, 2017
Theme: Still Happy
Co-Host: Danny Bacher

April 16, 2017 – NO SALON

April 23, 2017
Theme: Comes Love – Nothing Can Be Done
Co-Hosts: Andy Gale & Manhattan School of Music Students: Angela Candela, Celeste Morales, Christina Parnell, Luke Sikora, Zuhao Zhang, Jianing Zhang & Xulei Zhao

April 30, 2017
Theme: Songs Of The 21st Century
Co-Host: Lucille Carr-Kaffashan
Salon Spotlight: Kathryn Allyn

May 7, 2017
Theme: It’s a Jersey Thing: Sinatra To Springsteen
Co-Host: Lisa Yaeger
Salon Spotlight: Doris Dear

May 14, 2017
Theme: Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife
Co-Host: Nancy McGraw

May 21, 2017
Theme: Secret Dreams
Co-Host: Gary Crawford

May 28, 2017 – July 2, 2017 – NO SALON

July 9, 2017
Theme: When I Go, I’m Going Like Elsie – Honoring The Songs Of Kander & Ebb
Co-Host: Kathleen Stuart
Salon Spotlight: Niki Sorrentino

July 16, 2017
Theme: The Opposite Sex
Co-Host: Robin Kradles
Salon Spotlight: Lina Koutrakos

July 23, 2017
Theme: Along For The Ride
Co-Host: Richie Eisenberg
Salon Spotlight: Ann Kittredge

July 30, 2017
Theme: Ham & Cheese
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Georga Osborne
Salon Spotlight: Lennie Watts

August 6, 2017
Theme: Multiple Personalities
Co-Host: Dorothy Bishop

August 13, 2017
Theme: Seek And Ye Shall Find
Co-Host: Jacob Storms

August 20, 2017
Theme: Happy Anniversary, Salon! (12 Years!)
Co-Hosts: The Etceterettes

August 27, 2017
Theme: You & Me & Lenny B – Bernstein At Ninety-Nine
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 3, 2017– NO SALON

September 10, 2017
Theme: Better Than Nothing
Co-Host: Bill Zeffiro

September 17, 2017
Theme: Let’s Misbehave
Co-Host: Leslie Orofino
Salon Spotlight: Shana Farr

September 24, 2017
Guest Host/Pianist:Matthew Martin Ward
Theme: Vintage Pop
Co-Host: Sylvia Feldman (Robert Ima)
Salon Spotlight: Amy Wolk

October 1, 2017
Theme: A Little Bit Off
Co-Host: Monica Salvi
Salon Spotlight: Ira Lee Collings

October 8, 2017
Theme: What’s In A Name?
Co-Host: Ruth Carlin
Salon Spotlight: Amy Engelhardt

October 15, 2017
Theme: Livin’ Your Dream
Co-Host: Barbara Brussell
Salon Spotlight: Mark Nadler

October 22, 2017
Theme: Longing For Change
Guest Host/Pianist: Ian Herman
Co-Host: Dawn Derow
Salon Spotlight: Marnie Klar

October 29, 2017
Theme: Eat, Drink & Be Scary
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Martin Ward
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro
Salon Spotlight: Daryl Glenn, Mardie Millit & Molly Pope

November 5, 2017
Theme: Only In The Movies
Co-Host: Toddy Phillips
Salon Spotlight: Amy Beth Williams

November 12, 2017
Theme: Heaven & Hell
Co-Host: David LaMarr
Salon Spotlight: Deborah Stone

November 19, 2017
Theme: There’s No Tune Like A Show Tune
Co-Host: Ricky Ritzel’s Broadway

November 26, 2017 – NO SALON

December 3, 2017
Guest Host: Bill Zeffiro
Theme: Days Of Wine & Roses
Co-Host: Sarah Hayes
Salon Spotlight: Janice Hall

December 10, 2017
Theme: School Days
Co-Host: Mary Sue Daniels
Salon Spotlight: Tym Moss

December 17, 2017
Theme: Holiday Wishes
Co-Host: Bronwyn Rucker
Salon Spotlight: Gretchen Reinhagen


January 3, 2016 – NO SALON

January 10, 2016 – NO SALON

January 17, 2016
Theme: New Year’s Resolutions
Co-Hosts: Savannah Brown & Chase O’Donnell

January 24, 2016
Theme: Guilty Pleasures
Co-Host: Stearns Matthews
Salon Spotlight: Raissa Katona Bennett & Kenneth Gartman

January 31, 2016
Theme: Breaking Cupid’s Arrow – An Evening Venerating The Beginning, Middle & Death Of Love
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Amorika Amoroso
Salon Spotlight: Marissa Mulder & Bill Zeffiro

February 7, 2016 – NO SALON

February 14, 2016 – NO SALON

February 21, 2016
Theme: Next – Letting Go Of The Past & Embracing The Future
Guest Host: Rick Jensen
Co-Host: Scott Evan Davis

February 28, 2016 – NO SALON

March 6, 2016
Theme: Puttin’ On The Brits
Guest Host: William TN Hall
Co-Host: Amy Wolk
Salon Spotlight: John Koprowski

March 13, 2016
Theme: The Art Of Compromise
Co-Host: Jerry Phelps
Salon Spotlight: Celia Berk

March 20, 2016
Theme: Leap Of Faith
Co-Host: Carole Demas
Salon Spotlight: Midnight at the Never Get

March 27, 2016– NO SALON

April 3, 2016
Theme: April In Paris – Favorite Times & Places
Co-Host: Wendy Russell
Salon Spotlight: Natasha Castillo

April 10, 2016
Theme: Teamwork
Co-Hosts: Kristin Maloney & Adam MacDonald

April 17, 2016
Theme: You Must Believe in Spring – Songs of Hope
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki

April 24, 2016
Theme: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Co-Host: Mark’s MSM Students

May 1, 2016
Theme: Coast To Coast
Co-Host: Lisa Viggiano

May 8, 2016
Theme: The Family You Choose
Co-Hosts: Anna Marie Sell & Zach Wobensmith

May 15, 2016
Theme: Songs Of The South
Co-Host: Minda Larsen
Salon Spotlight: Carole Demas & Sarah Rice

May 22, 2016
Theme: Blood & Guts
Co-Host: Lina Koutrakos

NO SALON – May 29th – July 3rd

July 10, 2016
Theme: The Eyes Have It
Co-Host: Richard Skipper
Salon Spotlight: Peggy Eason

July 17, 2016
Theme: Love Songs & Lullabies
Co-Hosts: Eva & Jonathan Kantor

July 24, 2016
Theme: Deja Vu
Co-Host: Josephine Sanges
Salon Spotlight: Mommie Deadest

July 31, 2016
Theme: Yearning For More
Co-Host: Sandra Bargman

August 7, 2016
Theme: When We Were Youmg
Co-Hosts: Dawn Derow & Marcus Goldhaber
Salon Spotlight: Blake Zolfo

August 14, 2016
Theme: Six Degrees Of Stephen Schwartz
Co-Host: Kelli Rabke
Salon Spotlight: Gregory Harrell

August 21, 2016
Theme: Salon’s 11th Anniversary
Co-Hosts: The Etceterettes

August 28, 2016
Theme: Bernstein – 98 And Still Great!
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 4, 2016 – NO SALON

September 11, 2016
Theme: It’s Better With A Partner
Co-Host: Mark Watson

September 18, 2016
Theme: Delicious
Co-Host: Rosemary Loar

September 25, 2016
Theme: Journeys & Homecomings
Co-Host: David Meulemans
Salon Spotlight: Kathleen France

October 2, 2016 – NO SALON

October 9, 2016
Theme: Characters
Guest Host: Ian Herman
Co-Host: Lisa Asher
Salon Spotlight: Barb Malley

October 16, 2016
Theme: Carried Away
Co-Host: Amy Beth Williams
Salon Spotlight: Dan Ruth

October 23, 2016
Theme: Out Of This World
Co-Host: Amy Engelhardt
Salon Spotlight: Lynda Rodolitz

October 30, 2016
Theme: Dreams, Nightmares & Fantasies (costumes encouraged!)
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro

November 6, 2016 – NO SALON

November 13, 2016
Theme: Twisted Broadway
Co-Hosts: BLUE JUPITER (Diana Preisler, Marty Gasper, Jonathan Minkoff & Jeff Washburn)
Salon Spotlight: Ritt Henn

November 20, 2016 – NO SALON

November 27, 2016 – NO SALON

December 4, 2016
Theme: Mother Nature
Co-Host: Barb Jungr

December 11, 2016
Theme: Losing Control
Co-Host: Mary Liz McNamara

December 18, 2016
Theme: Merry, Happy, Oy! (humbugs welcome)
Co-Hosts: THOSE GIRLS (Eve Eaton, Rachel Hanser, Karen Mack & Wendy Russell)

December 25, 2016 – NO SALON


January 4, 2015
Theme: Living In The Moment
Co-Host: Champagne Pam

January 11, 2015
Theme: Life Inside & Out
Co-Host: Richard Skipper
Salon Spotlight: BROADSWAY

January 18, 2015
Theme: Just Go To The Movies
Co-Hosts: Raissa Katona Bennett & Kenneth Gartman

January 25, 2015
Theme: Optimism vs Pessimism
Co-Host: Kristoffer Lowe

February 1, 2015 – NO SALON

February 8, 2015
Theme: The Nature of Women & Women In Nature
Co-Host: Carolyn Montgomery-Forant
Salon Spotlight: Robin Kradles

February 15, 2015
Theme: Love Is A Battlefield
Co-Host: Jamie Salzano
Salon Spotlight: Dawn Derow & Kathleen France

February 22, 2015 – NO SALON

March 1, 2015
Theme: Lift Yourself Up – Songs of Inspiration
Co-Host: Kim Grogg
Salon Spotlight: Lennie Watts

March 8, 2015
Theme: The Way We Are
Co-Host: Sally Darling
Salon Spotlight: Stephanie Weems

March 12, 2015 – SALON PRESENTS STEPHANIE WEEMS Shows at 7:00 & 9:30
For Reservations: 646-637-2806 /

March 15, 2015
Theme: Food, Glorious, Food – Life Is A Banquet!
Co-Host: Charles Baran

March 22, 2015
Theme: Show Business:  A Potpourri of Entertainment (Broadway, Cabaret, Pop, Rock, Classical & Special Material)
Co-Host: Gretchen Reinhagen

March 29, 2015
Theme: Come Hell Or High Water – Songs Of Urgency
Co-Host: Ira Lee Collings

April 5, 2015 – NO SALON

April 12, 2015
Theme: Spring Has Sprung!
Co-Host: Cynthia Crane
Salon Spotlight: David Ballard

April 19, 2015
Theme: Gone With The Wind – Longing For The Past
Co-Host: Lauren Stanford
Salon Spotlight: Susan Garson

Shows at 8pm & 10pm
For Reservations: / 646-637-2806

April 26, 2015
Theme: Connection
Co-Hosts: Mark’s MSM Students

May 3, 2015
Theme: Celebrating Men
Co-Host: Charlotte Patton
Salon Spotlight: The Fine Whine: 
Margaret Kelly, Rebecca Kendall & Heidi Seigell

May 10, 2015 – NO SALON

May 17, 2015
Theme: On A Queer Day You Can Sing Forever
Co-Host: Carly Ozard
Salon Spotlight: Tym Moss

May 24th – NO SALON

At 9pm at Etcetera, Etcetera – 352 West 44th St, NYC 10036
For Reservations: / 646-637-2806

NO SALON – May 31st – July 5th

July 12, 2015
Theme: I Love New York
Co-Hosts: Joseph Macchia & FORTE (
Thomas Dieter, Johnny Hagar, Skie Ocasio & Michael Osso)
Salon Spotlight: Karen Oberlin

July 19, 2015
Theme: To Thine Own Self Be True – Celebrating Uniqueness
Guest Host: Ricky Ritzel
Co-Host: Fran Leonardis
Salon Spotlight: Carol McCann & Mary Foster Conklin

July 26, 2015
Theme: Heroes, Villains, Kings & Queens
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Lennie Watts
Salon Spotlight: Wendy Russell

August 2, 2015
Theme: Bits & Pieces
Guest Host: Barry Levitt
Co-Host: Dana Lorge & Warren Schein

August 9, 2015
Theme: Chemistry
Guest Host: Ian Herman
Co-Host: Sean Harkness

August 16, 2015
Theme: Broadway – Tin Pan Alley & Beyond
Co-Host: Ann Dawson

August 23, 2015
Theme: Salon’s 10th Anniversary!
Co-Hosts: The Etceterettes – Erin Cronican, Kathleen France, Janice Hall, Marnie Klar, Jaye Maynard, Marissa Mulder, Candice Oden, Sierra Rein, Sarah Rice, Adam B. Shapiro, Maureen Taylor & Zach Wobensmith (unable to attend: Dawn Derow, Shana Farr & Lorinda Lisitza)

August 30, 2015
Theme: The Many Sides Of Lennie (meaning Bernstein, but any Lennie will do)
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

September 6, 2015 – NO SALON

September 13, 2015 – NO SALON

September 20, 2015
Theme: Celebrating The York Theatre’s 100 Musicals In Mufti
Co-Host: Jim Morgan & The York Theatre Singers
Salon Spotlight: Amy Beth Williams

September 27, 2015
Theme: Heavenly Swing
Co-Hosts: Marquee Five (Mick Bleyer, Lynsey Buckelew, Adam West Hemming, Vanessa Parvin & Sierra Rein)

October 4, 2015
Theme: Four Seasons Of Love
Co-Host: David Vernon
Salon Spotlight: Linda Kosut

October 11, 2015
Theme: Singing Is Easy – Comedy Is Hard – An Evening of Jokes & Parodies
Co-Host: Nancy Witter

October 18, 2015
Theme: Trunk Songs
Co-Host: Matthew Martin Ward
Salon Spotlight: David Alpher & Jennie Litt

October 25, 2015
Theme: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
Co-Host: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro

November 1, 2015
Theme: We Go Together – Songs About Friendship
Co-Hosts: Erin Cronican & Candice Oden
Salon Spotlight: Jim Speake

November 8, 2015
Theme: Hysterical / Historical
Co-Host: Shawn Moninger
Salon Spotlight: Marnie Klar

November 15, 2015 – NO  SALON

November 16, 2015 – SALON PRESENTS ROB DAVIS
Shows at 7pm & 9:30pm
For Reservations:  

November 22, 2015
Theme: Thankful
Co-Host: Eve Eaton
Salon Spotlight: Edd Clark & Sue Matsuki

November 29, 2015– NO SALON

December 6, 2015 – NO SALON

December 13, 2015
Theme: Songs From The Movies
Co-Hosts: Daryl Glenn & Karen Dryer
Salon Spotlight
: Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke

December 20, 2015
Theme: Holiday Special
Co-Host: Kathleen France

December 27, 2015 – NO SALON


Date: January 5, 2014
Theme: Reaching Goals – From Resolution To Reality
Co-Host: Richard Skipper

Date: January 12, 2014
Theme: Juggling Home & Career
Co-Host: Carolann Sanita

Date: January 19, 2014
Theme: As Time Goes By
Co-Host: Bob Diamond
Salon Spotlight: Gretchen Reinhagen

Date: January 26, 2014
Theme: Make ‘Em Laugh – Parody, Satire & Humor
Co-Host: Nathan Chang
Salon Spotlight: Laurie Krauz

February 2, 2014: NO SALON (Super Bowl)

Date: February 9, 2014
Theme: All Kinds Of Love
Co-Host: Marta Sanders

Date: February 16, 2014
Theme: Sex and The Salon
Co-Host: Janice Hall

February 23, 2014: NO SALON (Broadway World Cabaret Awards)

March 2, 2014: NO SALON (Academy Awards)

Date: March 9, 2014
Theme: Soul-Searching
Co-Host: Jonathan Whitton

Date: March 16, 2014
Theme: In The Still Of The Night – The Music of Noel Coward & Cole Porter
Co-Host: Shana Farr

Date: March 23, 2014
Theme: Steppin’ Out – Songs Made Famous By Dancers And/Or Inspired By Dance
Co-Host: Caleb Teicher

NO SALON: March 30, 2014

Date: April 6, 2014
Theme: The Chase – In The Pursuit Of…
Co-Host: Eric Yves Garcia
Salon Spotlight: Carly Ozard

Date: April 13, 2014
Theme: Birds of a Feather: Songbirds and Spring
Co-Host: Celia Berk
Salon Spotlight: Jaye Maynard

NO SALON: April 20, 2014

Date: April 27, 2014
Theme: Home: It’s Never That Easy
Co-Host: Mark’s MSM Students
Salon Spotlight: Ruth Carlin

NO SALON: May 4, 2014

NO SALON: May 11, 2014

Date: May 18, 2014
Theme: Gender Bender
Co-Host: Sharon Hunter
Salon Spotlight: Marnie Klar

NO SALON: May 25-June 29, 2014

Date: July 6, 2014
Theme: You, Me & We
Co-Host: Tim Di Pasqua
Salon Spotlight: Mary & Brianna

Date: July 13, 2014
Theme: Come As You Are – An Anything Goes Pot Pourri
Co-Host: Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano

Date: July 20, 2014
Theme: Summer Salsa – A Celebration Of All Things Latin
Co-Host: Joey Infante
Salon Spotlight: Viktoriya Papayani

Date: July 27, 2014
Theme: It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Lennie Watts
Salon Spotlight: Rain Collazo

Date: August 3, 2014
Theme: You’re Getting On My Nerves – People, Places & Things That Irritate
Guest Host: Barry Levitt
Co-Host: Dana Lorge

Date: August 10, 2014
Theme: In and/or Out of Your Comfort Zone
Co-Host: Tracy Stark
Salon Spotlight: Jason Morris

Date: August 17, 2014
Theme: Celebrating 9 Years of Salon!
Co-Host: The Etceterettes

Date: August 24, 2014
Theme: Six Degrees of Leonard Bernstein
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn
Salon Spotlight: Adam Shapiro

NO SALON: August 31, 2014

Date: September 7, 2014
Theme: Girl Talk – A Night Of Song Celebrating Women
Co-Host: Doris Dear
Salon Spotlight: Sunny Leigh

NO SALON: September 14, 2014

Date: September 21, 2014
Theme: The Time Of Our Lives
Co-Host: Kevin Dozier
Salon Spotlight: Barb Malley & Ricky Ritzel

NO SALON September 28, 2014

Date: October 5, 2014
Theme: War & Peace
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Hosts: Dawn Derow & Kathleen France
Salon Spotlight: Jim Speake

October 12, 2014 – NO SALON

October 19, 2014 – NO SALON

October 26, 2014
Theme: Magic – Black, White & Otherwise (costumes encouraged!
Co-Hosts: Janice Hall & Adam Shapiro
Salon Spotlight: Daryl Glenn

November 2, 2014
Theme: Love Takes Many Forms
Co-Host: Amy Engelhardt
Salon Spotlight: Ira Lee Collings

November 9, 2014
Theme: Happiness Is…
Co-Host: Marnie Klar
Salon Spotlight: Carolyn Montgomery-Forant

November 16, 2014 – NO SALON

November 23, 2014

Theme: That Holiday Feeling
Co-Hosts: Edd Clark & Sue Matsuki
Salon Spotlight: Robert Yarnall

November 30, 2014 – NO SALON

December 7, 2014
Theme: What The Hell
Co-Hosts: Marissa Mulder & Bill Zeffiro
Salon Spotlight: Broadway Four

December 14, 2014
Theme: To Wit – Songs That Are Clever
Co-Host: Jeff Harnar

December 21, 2014 – NO SALON

December 28, 2014 – NO SALON


January 6, 2013
Theme: Songs That Raised Me
Co-Host: Stephanie D’Abruzzo

January 13, 2013
Theme: Taking Flight!
Co-Hosts: T. Oliver Reid
Salon Spotlight: Sally Darling and Matthew Martin Ward

January 19, 2013
A Memorial Cabaret Tribute to Michael Nelsen. Hosted by Julie Reyburn.

January 20, 2013
Theme: Unexpected Outcomes
Co-Host: Lynly Forrest
Salon Spotlight: Dawn Derow & Sean Harkness

January 27, 2013
Theme: The Music That Makes Me Dance
Co-Host: Amy Wolk

February 3, 2013: NO SALON (Super Bowl)

February 10, 2013
Theme: It Takes Two
Co-Hosts: Stone & Stone
Salon Spotlight: Rosemary Loar

February 17, 2013
Theme: Crazy Love
Co-Host: Marieanne Meringolo

February 24, 2013: NO SALON (Academy Awards)

March 3, 2013
Theme: The Folk Rock Movement: A celebration of the 60s & 70s
Guest-Host: Jon Weber
Co-Host: Lauren Fox
Salon Spotlight: Scott Evan Davis

March 10, 2013
Theme: Songs That Rock You
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Carly Ozard

March 17, 2013
Theme: It’s Not Easy Being Green: The Music of Spring
Co-Host: Jaye Maynard
Salon Spotlight: Dwight Thomas Vaughn

March 24, 2013
Theme: Simple Joys
Co-Host: Stacy Sullivan

March 31, 2013: NO SALON (Easter)

April 7, 2013
Theme: Good & Evil
Co-Host: Joseph Macchia
Salon Spotlight: Marnie Klar

April 14, 2013
Theme: Hello / Goodbye
Co-Hosts: Mark Janas’ MSM Students

April 21, 2013
Theme: It’s About Time
Co-Host: Bobbie Horowitz
Salon Spotlight: Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes

April 28, 2013
Theme: Secret Hopes
Co-Host: Ted Stafford & Lorinda Lisitza
Salon Spotlight: Ricky Ritzel

May 5, 2013
Theme: Cowgirls & Hookers
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki
Salon Spotlight: Marquee Five

May 12, 2013: NO SALON (Mother’s Day)

May 19, 2013
Theme: Waiting & Wanting
Co-Host: Dawn Derow
Salon Spotlight: Kristine Zbornik

May 26 – June 30, 2013: NO SALON (Summer Hiatus)

July 7, 2013
Theme: The Great White Way – Songs of Broadway
Co-Host: Lee Roy Reams

July 14, 2013
Theme: Celebration!
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn
Salon Spotlight: MARQUEE FIVE (Julie Reyburn, Mick Bleyer, Adam West Hemming, Vanessa Parvin & Sierra Rein) and Steve Schachlin

July 21, 2013
Theme: Coming Home
Guest Host: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Lianne Marie Dobbs
Salon Spotlight: Marissa Mulder

July 28, 2013
Theme: All Pent Up
Guest Host: Matthew Martin Ward
Co-Host: Elizabeth Tryon
Salon Spotlight: Zach Wobensmith

August 4, 2013
Theme: What You Don’t Know About Women
Guest Host: Barry Levitt
Co-Host: Dana Lorge

August 11, 2013
Theme: Blood, Sweat & Tears – Summer in New York
Guest Host: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Lennie Watts
Salon Spotlight: Lois Morton

August 18, 2013
Theme: Guilty Pleasures
Co-Host: Gretchen Reinhagen

August 25, 2013
Theme: Anniversaries – 8 Years of Salon & 95 Years of Leonard Bernstein!
Co-Host: The Etceterettes

September 1, 2013: NO SALON (Labor Day)

September 8, 2013
Theme: Life Is a Bitch
Co-Host: Mary Foster Conklin

September 15, 2013
Theme: Seize The Day!
Co-Host: Cynthia Farrell

September 22, 2013
Theme: It’s My Party And I’ll Sing If I Want To
Co-Host: Robin Westle
Salon Spotlight: David Ballard

Date: September 29, 2013
Theme: A Change Is In The Air
Guest Host: Mark Hartman
Co-Host: Natalie Douglass
Salon Spotlight: Sue Matsuki

Date: October 6, 2013
Theme: More Mizerable
Co-Host: Willy Falk
Salon Spotlight: Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes

October 13, 2013: NO SALON

Date: October 20, 2013
Theme: Two Heads Are Better Than One – The Art of Collaboration
Co-Hosts: Jim Brochu & Steve Schachlin

Date: October 27, 2013
Theme: Out of the Closet and Beyond – Costume Optional
Co-Host: Adam Shapiro

Date: November 3, 2013
Theme: Better To Have Loved and Lost…
Co-Host: Amy Beth Williams
Salon Spotlight: Jamie Salzano

Date: November 10, 2013
Theme: The Blame Game
Co-Host: Jackie Kristel & Alison Nusbaum

Date: November 17, 2013
Theme: Crooners & Swooners
Co-Host: Frank Dain

Date: November 24, 2013
Theme: You Made Me Love You
Co-Host: Sarah Rice
Salon Spotlight: Jennylind Parris

December 1, 2013: NO SALON (Thanksgiving)

Date: December 8, 2013
Theme: Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
Guest Host: Rick Jensen
Co-Host: Lisa Yaeger
Salon Spotlight: TIMELESS – Donna Elliot, Bob Diamond & Marcia Roney

Date: December 15, 2013
Theme: Home For the Holidays – A Salon Family Celebration!
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn
Salon Spotlight: Lianne Marie Dobbs

December 22, 2013: NO SALON (Holidays)

December 29, 2013: NO SALON (Holidays)


January 1st: NO SALON (New Year’s Day)

January 8th:
Theme: Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt
Co-Host: Kevin McMullan

January 15th:
Theme: Eleven O’Clock Numbers
Co-Host: Kristine Zbornik

January 22nd:
Theme: One of a Kind
Co-Host: Rosemary Loar

January 29th:
Theme: Old Love, New Love, False Love, True Love
Co-Host: Andy Gale
Salon Spotlight: Sarah Rice & David Vernon

February 5th: NO SALON (Super Bowl)

February 12th:
Theme: Harkthrobs (Impossible Crushes)
Co-Host: Sean Harkness (Featuring Members of The Harkness Harem: Deb Berman, Carole Demas, Dawn Derow, Pamela Luss, Karen Oberlin & Randie Shane)

February 19th:
Theme: Enough With This Love Sh*t! Songs About Anything But
Co-Hosts: Ritt Henn & Mary Liz McNamara
Salon Spotlight: Amy Engelhardt

February 26th: NO SALON (Oscars)

March 4th:
Theme: City Life
Co-Host: Corinna Sowers-Adler
Salon Spotlight: Tom Vaughn

March 11th:
Theme: One Hit Wonders
Co-Host: Kim Grogg (with Rain Collazo, Wendy Williams, Stevie Ray Watkins & Sidney Myer!)
Salon Spotlight: Amadeus Lundberg

March 18th:
Theme: Coping Mechanisms
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Martin Ward
Co-Host: Kenneth Gartman
Salon Spotlight: Susan Winter

March 25th:
Theme: The Rat Pack
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Hosts: Terese Genecco & Shaynee Rainbolt

April 1st:
Theme: These Foolish Things (Fools in Love, Class Clowns, or Any Kind of Fool or Foolish)
Guest Host/Pianist: David Caldwell
Co-Host: D.C. Anderson
Salon Spotlight: Raissa Katona Bennett

April 8th NO SALON (Easter) Passover April 7th -14th

April 15th:
Theme: Kooky, Zany, Silly – The Great Comedians of Stage & Screen
Guest Host/Pianist: Ricky Ritzel
Co-Host: Alison Nusbaum
Salon Spotlight: Mark Janas

April 22nd:
Theme: Tough Guys & Dangerous Dolls
Guest Host/Pianist: Steven Ray Watkins
Co-Host: Billie Roe
Salon Spotlight: Lennie Watts

April 29th:
Theme: Love’s What We’ll Remember
Co-Hosts: MSM Students

May 6th:
Theme: Being Alive – A Celebration of Life!
Co-Host: Johnny Rodgers

May 13th NO SALON (Mother’s Day)

May 20th NO SALON

May 29th NO SALON (Memorial Day Weekend)

June 3rd NO SALON

June 10th NO SALON (Tonys)

June 17th NO SALON (Father’s Day)

June 24th NO SALON

July 1st NO SALON

July 8th::
Theme: Back to Work
Co-Host: Meg Flather
Salon Spotlight: Alison Nusbaum

July 15th:
Theme: Divas, Dorks & Duets
Co-Hosts: Joshua Desjardins & Joshua Warr
Salon Spotlight: ‘Spoolie Girl’ – Rosemary Loar & Roger Mapes

July 22nd:
Theme: Rebel With a Cause
Guest Host: Tracy Stark
Co-Host: Miranda Music: Kitty Skrobela, Karen Oberlin, Marcus Simeone, Kathleen France, Marissa Mulder & Tanya Holt

July 29th:
Theme: All About Steve
Guest Host: Jeff Cubeta
Co-Host: Eric Michael Gillett
Salon Spotlight : Parker Scott

August 5th::
Theme: Oops, I Did It Again – Blunders & Mistakes
Guest Host: Brett Kristofferson
Co-Host: Angela Shultz
Salon Spotlight: Mary Foster Conklin & John DiPinto

August 12th:
Theme: Another Kind of Light
Guest Host: Kenneth Gartman
Co-Host: Raissa Katona Bennett
Salon Spotlight: Edd Clark & Sue Matsuki

August 19th:
Theme: Then & Now / Anniversaries & Remembrances – A Celebration of Seven Years of Salon!
Co-Host: Salon Charter Members: Jeffrey Biering, Donna Coney Island, Kristin Maloney, Chris Weikel & Stephen Wilde

August 26th:
Theme: Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernstein
Co-Host: Sierra Rein

September 2: — NO SALON

September 9th:
Theme: Relationships – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Co-Host: Dana Lorge

September 16th:
Theme: Whatever Quirks – Quirky Songs, Songwriters & Subjects
Co-Host: Annie LeBeaux

September 23rd:
Theme: That Foreign Mystique
Co-Host: Parker Scott

September 30, 2012
Theme: Amour, Amore, Liebe & Love
Co-Hosts: Anna Bergman
Salon Spotlight: Joshua Desjardins & Joshua Warr

October 7, 2012
Theme: Anything Goes
Co-Host: Tanya Holt
Salon Spotlight: Corinna Sowers Adler

October 14, 2012
Theme: Freedom Songs
Co-Host: Natalie Douglas
Salon Spotlight: Pamela Luss

October 21, 2012
Theme: L, M, N, O, P – Songs From The Middle of the Alphabet
Co-Host: Nina Hennessey

October 24, 2012 (7pm & 9:30pm)
“Smile On My Face: The Songs of Richard Eisenberg”

October 28, 2012 — NO SALON (Hurricane Sandy)

November 4, 2012
Theme: Lowered Expectations
Co-Host: Bill Zeffiro
Salon Spotlight: Stearns Matthews

November 11, 2012
Theme: Making Arrangements
Co-Host: Lennie Watts, with Steven Ray Watkins
Salon Spotlight: Lynly Forrest

November 18, 2012
Theme: Animal Magnetism
Co-Host: Sarah Rice
Salon Spotlight: Len Cariou

November 25, 2012 – NO SALON (Thanksgiving)

December 2, 2012
Theme: It’s Instrumental
Co-Host: Ed Gilmore

December 9, 2012
Theme: Happy Hannakwanzmas
Co-Host: Edd Clark & Sue Matsuki

December 16, 2012
Theme: A Family Affair
Co-Host: Melissa Errico
Salon Spotlight: Kim Grogg & Jim Speake, with Steven Ray Watkins

December 23, 2012 – NO SALON (Christmas)

December 30, 2012 – NO SALON (New Years)


January 2nd: NO SALON

January 9th: NO SALON

January 16th:
Theme: January Jazzathon
Co-Host: Rosemary Loar
On Bass: Ritt Henn

January 23rd:
Theme: The Best of Off-Broadway
Co-Host: Jimmy Roberts
Salon Spotlight: Jim Brochu & Steve Schachlin

January 30th:
Theme: Crazy For You – Mental Health or Lack Thereof
Co-Host: Jay Rogers

February 6th: NO SALON (Super Bowl)

February 13th:
Theme: Love & Desire
Co-Hosts: MSM Students (Adam Behlen, Juliana Curcio, Hannah Fuerst, Andy Klima, Anna Lawrence, Rachel Policar, Mitch Roe, Chris Sierra, Christian Sineath, Sarah Smith, & Costas Tsourakis)

February 20th:
Theme: That’s Historical!
Co-Host: Miles Phillips

February 27th: NO SALON (Oscars)

March 6th:
Theme: Rock On!
Co-Host: Hey Guy (Boris Pelekh, Leo Pelekh & Tommy Shull)

March 13th: (No Tommy)
Theme: Blues in the Night
Guest Host/Pianist: Dan Furman
Co-Host: Joan Crowe

March 20th:
Theme: It’s In the Stars
Co-Host: Maureen Taylor

March 27th:
Theme: The 8 Track to the ipod – Tunes On the Go since 1965
Co-Hosts: Marquee 5 (Julie Reyburn, Mick Bleyer, Adam West Hemming, Sierra Rein & Vanessa Parvin)

April 3rd: NO SALON

April 10th:
Theme: It’s a Country Thing
Co-Host: Roger Anthony Mapes

April 17th: at San Martin (143 East 49th St)
Theme: The Great Escape
Co-Host: Donna Coney Island

April 24th: NO SALON (Easter)
May 1st:
Theme: Not Just For Kids
Co-Host: Sierra Rein & Kay M. Pringle
Salon Spotlight: MSM Students

May 8th: (Mother’s Day)
Theme: It’s All Relative
Co-Host: Erin Cronican

May 15th:
Theme: Moulin Rouge
Co-Host: Stephen Hanks w/’Fartiste’ cast members Jessica Burrows & Herndon Lackey

May 22nd: NO SALON

May 29th: NO SALON

June 5th: NO SALON

June 12th: NO SALON

June 19th: NO SALON

June 27th: NO SALON

July 3rd: NO SALON

July 10th:
Theme: Myths & Legends
Co-Host: Adam Shapiro

July 17th:
Theme: The 1930’s – Brother, Can You Spare a Song?
Guest Host/Pianist: Fred Barton
Co-Host: Natalie Douglas

July 24th:
Theme: On the Road – Songs of Highways & Byways
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Marissa Mulder
Salon Spotlight: Karen Oberlin

July 31st:
Theme: That’s Original
Co-Host: Brett Kristofferson

August 7th:
Theme: Opposites Attract
Co-Host: Elaine St. George

August 14th:
Theme: Black & White
Co-Host: Marianne Challis

August 21st:
Theme: Friends & Lovers
Co-Host: Carole Demas

August 28th:
Theme: The Marvelous 50’s & 60’s
Co-Hosts: The Wonderettes – Brittney Morello, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Lara Seibert & Morgan Smith

September 4th: NO SALON (Labor Day weekend)

September 11th: NO SALON (10th Anniversary of Sept 11th)

September 18th:
Theme: Does Anyone Need a Drink?
Co-Host: David Ballard

September 25th:
Theme: Variety
Co-Host: Darren Williams

October 2nd:
Theme: Sweet Revenge
Co-Host: Gabrielle Stravelli

October 9th: NO SALON (Columbus Day weekend)

October 16th:
Theme: Inappropriate Songs for Weddings & Funerals
Co-Hosts: The Cougars – Patricia Fitzpatrick, Helena Grenot & Dana Lorge

October 23rd:
Theme: That’s Italian – From Opera to Pop-era
Co-Hosts: O Sole Trio – Giuseppe Spoletini, Erin Shields & Devid Shenton

October 30th:
Theme: The Monster Masquerade
Co-Host: Janice Hall
Salon Spotlight: Steve Peterson & MSMT Alumni

November 6th:
Theme: Puppy Love
Co-Host: Sarah Rice

November 13th:
Theme: The Marvelous 50’s & 60’s
Co-Hosts: The Wonderettes – Brittney Morello, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Lara Seibert & Morgan Smith

November 20th:
Theme: Stupid Love – An Evening About Questionable Choices
Co-Host: Laurie Krauz
Salon Spotlight: Julie Reyburn

November 27th: NO SALON (Thanksgiving weekend)

December 4th:
Theme: Don’t Mess with Texas
Co-Host: Faye Lane
Salon Spotlight: Angela Shultz

December 11th:
Theme: Holiday Party
Co-Hosts: Definitely Dickens Holiday Carolers (Mick Bleyer, Vanessa Parvin, Sierra Rein & Adam West Hemming)
Salon Spotlight: Daryl Glenn, Alison Nusbaum & Ricky Ritzel

December 18th: Salon Presents Julie Reyburn at 7 & 9:15

December 25th: NO SALON (Christmas)


January 3rd:
Theme: New Beginnings/Sing Out the Old, Sing in the New
Co-Host: Annie Hughes
Special Guest: Julie Reyburn

January 24th:
Theme: Salon D’Ella Jazz – A January Jazzathon with an Emphasis on Ella
Co-Host: Rosemary Loar
Special Guest: Sue Matsuki
On Bass: Ritt Henn

February 21st:
Theme: Post Valentine’s Day Massacre – The Nitty & The Gritty of Love & Romance
Co-Host: Joe Bachana
Special Guest: Barbara Porteus

February 28th:
Theme: THE RED CARPET – A Pre-Oscar Night Celebration! – If you were invited to perform at The Academy Awards, what would you sing, and more importantly, what would you wear?
Co-Host: Richard Skipper as Carol Channing
Special Guest: Dana Lorge

March 14th:
Theme: Shakin’ It Up
Guest Producer: Sue Matsuki
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Maureen Taylor
Special Guest: Rita Gardner

March 21st:
Theme: Heavenly Bodies/Spring Equinox
Co-Host: Steve “The Whistler” Herbst
Special Guest: Jenna Esposito

March 28th:
Theme: Never Before Heard
Co-Host: Frank Evans
Special Guest: Bill Zeffiro

April 4th:
Theme: All the Sounds of the Earth Are Like Music – Songs About Sounds
Co-Host: Mark Watson
Special Guest: Gretchen Reinhagen

April 11th:
Theme: MAC Attack
Co-Host: Lennie Watts
Special Guest: Carole Bufford

April 18th:
Theme: Cafe Society – The Music of Porter / Coward / Gershwin / Berlin
Co-Host: Janice Hall
Guest Pianist for First Set: Bill Zeffiro
Special Guest: Sarah Rice

April 25th:
Theme: It Takes Two (or More) to Tango – An Ensemble of Ensembles
Co-Host: “Voce” (Keith Harris/Paul Harris/Dave Kindinger/Stephen Wilde)
Special Guest: “Marquee 5” (Mick Bleyer/Adam Hemming/Vanessa Parvin/Sierra Rein/Julie Reyburn)

May 2nd:
Theme: It Better Be Funny!
Co-Host: Danny Leary
Special Guest: Karith Foster

May 9th:
Theme: Fairy Tales
Co-Host: Terese Genecco
Special Guest: Shaynee Rainbolt

May 16th:
Theme: Back to Our Roots
Co-Host & Special Guest: Charter Salon Members/Cast of Talk of the Town: Jeffrey Biering/Michael/Daly/Donna Hochhauser/Adam MacDonald/Kristin Maloney/Chris Weikel/Stephen Wilde

May 23rd:
Theme: Sondheim
Co-Host: Daryl Glenn
Special Guest: Len Cariou

May 30th:
Theme: Boats, Beaches & Boardwalks
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Ward
Co-Host: Jay Rogers
Special Guest: Christine Pedi

June 6th:
Theme: Vicissitudes
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Vicki Van Tassel
Special Guest: Steve Ross

June 13th:
Theme: A Girl and a Guitar
Guest Host/Pianist: Tracy Stark
Co-Host: Gretchen Reinhagen
Special Guest: Lisa Brigantino

June 20th:
Theme: June Jazzathon
Guest Host/Pianist: Barry Levitt
On Bass: Ritt Henn
Co-Host: Helena Grenot
Special Guest: Susan Winter

June 27th:
Theme: Glitter and Be Gay
Co-Host: Jonathan Whitton
Special Guest: Terese Genecco

July 4th: NO SALON

July 11th:
Theme: The Long and The Short Of It
Guest Host/Pianist: Chris Haberl
Co-Host: Jamie deRoy
Special Guest: Cindy Marchionda

July 18th:
Theme: Cy Coleman
Co-Host: Jana Robbins
Special Guest: Mark York

July 25th:
Theme: The Recording Arts / Demo Night w/Pete Millrose
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn
Special Guest: Hector Coris

August 1st:
Theme: It’s Mathematical – Numbers About Numbers
Co-Host: Booth & Pat
Special Guest: Jim Brochu

August 8th:
Theme: Dream a Little Dream – Dreams, Goals & Aspirations
Co-Host: Ricky Ritzel
Special Guest: Marcus Simeone

August 15th: NO SALON

August 22nd:
Theme: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – Songs of Regret
Co-Host: Danielle Grabianowski
Special Guest: Sidney Myer

August 29th:
Theme: World Cruise
Co-Host: Adam Shapiro
Special Guest: Karen Oberlin

September 5th: NO SALON

September 12th: NO SALON

September 19th:
Theme: It’s About Time
Co-Hosts: Deb Berman & Sean Harkness

September 26th:
Theme: Happy Birthday, Georgie G! A Celebration of Gershwin
Co-Host: Todd Murray

October 3rd:
Theme: Weather or Not
Co-Host: Daryl Sherman

October 10th:
Theme: Color My World
Co-Host: Shana Farr

October 17th:
Theme: The Great American Chorus Line – A Tribute to Gypsies Everywhere
Co-Host: Valerie Lemon

October 24th:
Theme: Demo Night II
Co-Host: Annie Kozuch
Salon Spotlight: Janice Hall

October 31st: NO SALON

November 7th:
Theme: Here Come the Holidays!
Co-Hosts: Edd Clark & Sue Matsuki

November 14th:
Theme: All God’s Creatures
Co-Host: Sarah Rice
Salon Spotlight: Hector Coris

November 21st:
Theme: Flower Power – Music of the 60’s & 70’s
Co-Hosts: Lennie Watts, Scott Coulter & Steven Ray Watkins
Salon Spotlight: Julie Reyburn

November 28th: NO SALON

December 5th: NO SALON

December 12th:
Theme: Six Degrees of Jerome Kern
Co-Host: Raissa Katona Bennett

December 19th:
Theme: The Best of 2010
Co-Hosts: The Salon Advisory Board: Bill Zeffiro, Nick Levin, Sierra Rein, Sue Matsuki

December 26th: NO SALON


January 4th:
Theme: The Berlin Ball
Co-Host: Stephen Wilde

January 11th:
Theme: Drop That Name
Co-Host: Bill Zeffiro

January 18th:
Theme: Growing Up
Co-Host: Michael Colby

January 25th:
Theme: January Jazzathon
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki

February 1st:
Theme: From the Menu: Food & Drink
Co-Host: Bobbie Horowitz

February 8th
Theme: Shakin’ the Blues Away
Co-Host: Jenna Esposito

February 15th:
Theme: Love & Marriage
Co-Hosts: Kristin Maloney & Adam MacDonald

February 22nd:
Theme: Hooray for Hollywood!
Co-Host: Peter Napolitano

March 1st:
Theme: Friendship
Co-Host: Devin Richards

March 8th:
Theme: Broadway Then (1950-1959) & Now (2000-2009)
Co-Host: Aaron Kaburick

March 15th:
Theme: Fear, Foreboding & The Irish
Co-Host: Annie Lebeaux

March 22nd:
Theme: Happy Anniversay, Salon!
Co-Hosts: Former Co-Hosts & Gonquettes

March 29th:
Theme: Other Nations’ Syncopations
Co-Host: Janice Hall

April 5th:
Theme: Classically Classy
Co-Host: Jodi Koegan

April 12th:
Theme: Miracles!
Co-Host: Tanya Moberly

April 19th:
Theme: Frankly Frank
Co-Host: Rob Langeder

April 26th:
Theme: The First Time
Co-Host: Hector Coris

May 3rd:
Theme: America at War
Co-Host: Susan Winter

May 10th:
Theme: All in the Family
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn

May 17th:
Theme: That 70’s Salon
Co-Host: Gretchen Reinhagen

May 24th:
Theme: I Remember It Well
Co-Hosts: Joan Jaffe & Hal Blankenship

May 31st:
Theme: Tony Time
Co-Host: Karen Mason

June 7th:

June 14th:
Theme: Against Type
Guest Hosts/Pianists: Bill Zeffiro & John Fischer
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki

June 21st:
Theme: Father of the Bride
Guest Hosts/Pianists: Bill Zeffiro & Annie Lebeaux
Co-Host: Peter Napolitano
June 28th:
Theme: Richard Rodger’s Neighborhood
Guest Host/Pianist: Bill Zeffiro
Co-Host: Rita Gardner

July 5th:
Theme: Comedy Tonight
Guest Host/Pianist: Matthew Ward
Co-Host: Christine Pedi

July 12th:
Theme: Summer in the City
Co-Host: Bill Zeffiro

July 19th:
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins
Co-Host: Joan Crowe

July 26th:
Theme: Free and Easy
Co-Host: Norm Lewis

August 2nd:
Theme: It’s About Time
Co-Host: Deb Burman

August 9th:
Theme: Waltzing Matilda
Co-Host: Sarah Rice

August 16th:
Theme: See the USA in Our Cabaret
Co-Hosts: Terese Geneco & Shaynee Rainbolt

August 23rd:
Theme: Happy Birthday, Mr. Bernstein
Co-Host: Miles Phillips

August 30th:
Theme: Tribute to The York Theatre
Co-Host: Jim Morgan

September 6th:
Theme: A Certain Age
Co-Host: Dana Lorge

Oak Room 2009

July 16th
Co-Host: Julie Reyburn
Special Guest: Julie Wilson

July 23rd
Co-Hosts: Jenna Esposito & Rob Langeder
Special Guest; Scott Coulter
Advisor Spotlight: Lee Summers

July 30th
Co-Host: Raissa Katona Bennett (pianist/David Caldwell)
Special Guest: Eric Michael Gillett (pianist /Alvin Hough)
Advisor Spotlight: Jon Peterson

August 6th
Co-Host: Tanya Moberly
Special Guest: Tony Yazbeck
Advisor Spotlight: Marianne Challis

August 13th
Co-Host: Sue Matsuki
Special Guest: Martin Lass
Advisor Spotlight: Will Trice (pianist/Jamie Schmidt)

August 20th
Co-Hosts: Adam MacDonald & Kristin Maloney
Special Guest: Terri White
Advisor Spotlight: Kim Smith

August 27th
Co-Host: Susan Winter
Special Guest: Lennie Watts
Advisor Spotlight: Aaron Lee Battle (pianist/Erik James)

September 3rd
Co-Host: Peter Napolitano
Special Guest: Len Cariou
Advisor Spotlight: Anne Steele (pianist/Kenny Davidsen)
Oakette: Gretchen Reinhagen